Monday, July 18, 2016


It is sometimes questioned in the community 'Is it really necessary to treat with Two Phase Orthodontic Treatment'?

Starting orthodontic treatment at an early age is sometimes necessary to obtain benefits that cannot be readily achieved if treatment is delayed. This approach usually requires Two Phases of Treatment.
Our objective is always to achieve the greatest benefit in the least amount of treatment time.

PHASE I: Active Treatment including permanent and baby teeth being present. This treatment  lasts approximately 12 - 18 months.  
It's Objectives: Correction of crowding, Functional, Formative, and Skeletal Problems. 

INTERMEDIATE PERIOD (Retention between Phases): Approximately 1-2 years of monitoring the corrections made during Phase I, at absolutely no charge to you.

PHASE II: Active Treatment upon the eruption of all permanent teeth. This treatment lasts approximately 12 - 24 months depending on the corrections needed. 
It's Objectives: Final Correction of tooth positioning, Function and Skeletal problems that can occur with adverse growth patterns. Traditional Braces or Invisalign Teen may be recommended for this Phase.

Occasionally, when a patient is being treated with a two phase treatment program, the permanent teeth develop more rapidly than anticipated. When this situation does occur we are able to go right into the Phase II part of the program without removing the existing Phase I appliances. An appointment will be made to thoroughly discuss with you the need for early transition and the costs that are involved. It always results in a reduced treatment fee, which is always greatly appreciated by our patients/parents :)
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