Friday, March 23, 2012

Amazing Phase I Treatment Transformation. Teamwork is the Key to Success

Before Phase I Treatment
 Treating children at an early age can be beneficial in many ways. Lauren came to Dr. Statler presenting a severe maxillary protrusion.
In many cases this can prove to be a risk of trauma. Correction is necessary to retract the upper anterior teeth, close space, and utilize the special window of time when a child is growing that allows for the mandible to be moved forward with the help of Class II elastics.
The amazing transformation occurs when Doctor and Patient/Parent relationships work as a team for the good of patient. Patient cooperation,
good oral hygiene, and kept appointments all aid in the process of creating the desired outcome. All of us at Statler-Krumholtz
Orthodontics are very proud of Lauren Sterneck and her family for their consistent efforts to be in full cooperation throughout her treatment! The results are amazing! The benefits Great! Lauren looks like a new little girl, with a healthy bite, and a beautiful smile.

           End Phase I Treatment