Friday, October 28, 2011


"As the twig is bent, so grows the tree."
"Arbol que crece torcido jamas su tronco endereza"
Early orthodontic care can mold a growing child.

Children sometimes exhibit early signs of jaw problems as they grow and develop. An upper or lower jaw that is growing too much or not enough, or is too wide, too narrow, or crooked can be recognized at an early age. Children between the ages of 6-10 that show signs of these discrepancies are usually candidates for early orthodontic/orthopedic treatment.
To be able to modify the growth and development of the jaws at an early age (in their growing years) will allow for sufficient space to accomodate the adult permanent teeth, and to relate the upper and lower jaws to each other. Taking advantage of this valuable window of opportunity in their development, will accomplish a healthy, functional, esthetic and comfortable result.
This Phase I early interceptive treatment can prevent the later removal of permanent teeth to correct overcrowding, or surgical procedures to expand and/or align the upper and lower jaws.

It is recommended that children have their first orthodontic consultation/evaluation at the age of 7. At Statler-Krumholtz Orthodontics, this consultation is totally complimentary. We make their experience exciting and memorable. Every child and their parent are given complete tour of our office, familiarizing them with what we do here.  A series of photos, and two x rays are taken to provide Dr. Statler with all the materials needed to be able to make an accurate diagnosis. She will provide you with a thorough exam and conservative approach to see if your child actually needs braces, pre-orthodontic guidance, or absolutely nothing at all.

We would love to hear your comments, or questions, and are always ready to speak with you about your childs needs.