Friday, February 15, 2013


Orthodontists are seeing more and more reasons for the growing acceptance of braces among adults.
Braces can be more affordable because insurance coverage for orthodontic work is on the rise. Technology has advanced us to an orthodontic world where braces are more comfortable and amazingly discrete. Treatment times are shorter and fewer office visits are needed.


Whether we like it or not, we are often judged by our appearance. Many adults are concerned about how their smile might affect their chances for employment or advancement in an ever increasing competitive job market. Many adults are reentering the dating scene and are looking for a more attractive, youthful appearance.
Keeping a youthful appearance and having a healthy oral environment, makes the demand for adult braces contagious! 
Just as bone density decreases with age throughout our bodies, the bones in our mouths lose density and shift with age. Teeth also shift due to wear and changing pressures in the mouth. Adults who wore braces as children sometimes need to return for orthodontic treatment in midlife or later, especially if they aren't diligent about wearing their retainers and their teeth shift out of alignment.

At Statler Orthodontics you are given several options to treat your adult orthodontic needs. Dr. Statler is always educated on the latest technological advances in the orthodontic field, to be able to best serve you with customized treatment planning for your specific needs.
Unlike the days when braces were 'tightened down' with stiff wires, today's braces use a more flexible, lighter weight wires. These wires are custom-designed to fit the mouth of each patient and they have shape memory so they don't require frequent adjustments. This allows for longer time between appointments and doesn't impact our work schedule or social lives very much at all. We also offer Invisalign treatment to many of our adult patients who are candidates for these amazing invisible braces.

Come in to Dr. Jennifer Statler for your FREE adult orthodontic consultation. The benefits can and will affect the health of your teeth for a lifetime.