Wednesday, January 27, 2016


ACCELEDENT can Enhance Your Orthodontic Experience

The new AcceleDent System, created by OrthoAccel Technologies, Inc., was made to compliment any type of orthodontic treatment – whether the patient is using traditional braces, or invisalign, the use of this amazing device can potentially reduce a patient’s time in braces or aligners by as much as 50%.  Our patients are raving about the reduction of discomfort as well. The treatment results are more predictable with the same appliances.

How Does the new AcceleDent System Work?

Similar to going to your local Chiropractor and receiving electrical stimulation to bring blood supply to the affected area to aid in an accelerated healing process, AcceleDent system creates similar micro-vibrations in a patients mouth, bringing more blood supply to the area and helping to remodel the jawbone and ligaments surrounding the teeth. This remodeling along with the force/movement created by the braces or aligners, allow the teeth to move into their corrected positions in a more timely manner, reducing the overall treatment time in many cases by 50%, and making braces/aligners a more comfortable experience for you.

You can enhance your orthodontic treatment and decrease your treatment time by using the AcceleDent System for just 20 minutes each day! The device has a mouthpiece which looks very similar to a plastic orthodontic retainer or a sports mouthguard. You simply bite down on the mouthpiece, using gentle pressure, and start the activator. You should be biting down hard enough so that you can let go of the device making you hands free to do other activities. AcceleDent will pulsate for the allotted 20 minutes, and after that, you are finished for the day! It’s as simple as that!!

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