Monday, July 30, 2012

Temporary Anchorage Devices TADs


In orthodontics moving teeth is equated to basic mechanics. When you push on something (like your teeth), you have to pull on something else. The need to 'Brace' yourself against another object when moving teeth. Using an anchor is imperative, to achieve the necessary movement to create an ideal occlusion in orthodontics. Most of the time, anchorage is achieved by placing one force against a small tooth that you are trying to move, against another large tooth or several  teeth tied together as the 'anchor'. The small tooth moves a whole lot more then the anchor. Sometimes in orthodontics we have instances where this type of anchorage is hard to achieve. The usage of a TAD will allow the orthodontist to achieve tooth movement against this fixed point.

TAD  (Temporary Anchorage Device), are basically very small screws that are inserted into the tissue and bone by your orthodontist (or a referred specialist). There is little or no discomfort when a TAD is placed. Caring for your TAD generally requires only routine brushing, and use of an antiseptic to keep the site very clean. Placement of TAD's are customized for each individual patient, and are not confined to one particular spot. They will contribute to predictable results, shorter treatment time, and completion of active treatment on schedule.
This small appliance is extremely helpful to your orthodontist to move your teeth into their most optimal position.
Dr. Statler is proud to announce that she is and has been using the TAD system to aid in your treatment progress. She and her husband, Dr. David Prusakowski work together to place the TAD's right here in our office.

Saturday, July 14, 2012


National trends show the percentage of girls and boys in orthodontic treatment is 60% girls and 40% boys. This is also true in our orthodontic practice. Since orthodontic problems are just as prevalent in boys as girls, it is a fair question to ask, HEY ...WHAT ABOUT THE BOYS? 

Because orthodontic treatment does more for an individual than provide a "pretty smile", we may be shortchanging the boys in our society. It has been shown by numerous studies that facial appearance has a great deal of influence in how a person is treated by others.

Improving facial esthetics can have a significantly positive effect on the life of a child and in later adulthood. Children, after all, want to look good...And...this certainly holds true for boys as well as girls. Boys as well as girls need properly functioning teeth, which are easier to clean and maintain.

Quality orthodontic treatment not only provides improved functional occlusion, but also results in enhanced self-esteem and confidence...something we all want for our sons as well as our daughters. So where did this tendency to overlook the boys come from? A question that begs an answer. We don't have one! So parents - dentists - hygienists...Don't sell that little guy short. One day both his smile and his face are going to matter to him very much!